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 Ongoing Events

PARK / LIBRARY DAYS!!!  Join us every Friday at 1 p..m. at Robbinsdale Park on nice days, or the Library on bad weather days.  

SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS - We will have these order forms at our monthly meetings and will take orders then.  Lisa R. has PreK-2nd,
Jen has 3rd and up.

YEARBOOK  Remember to save stories, pictures, etc. for our annual yearbook.  Contact Jen for more information.  
Jen is looking for volunteers to help with this project.  The year is almost over, get those pages in order!!


Science Class!!  Planets and Constellations, taught by Kay.  For elementary kids, about grades K-4 or 5 at Imagination Station on Wednesdays from 10:30-12:00.  Class will begin on September 18th and will finish on November 20th with the 27th for a make-up if needed.  Cost is $5/child/class.  Discounts given for families with more than one child enrolled.  Call  or e-mail  Kay .


Public Speaking Class,For junior and senior high aged students, about grade (5 or) 6 -12/adults welcome too.  This will meet at the Free Methodist Church (4813 S. Canyon Rd.) on Thursday afternoons from 1:00-2:30.  Class will run from Sept 19-Dec 12.  We will not meet on Nov 28th and we will keep Dec 19 as a make-up day if needed.  Cost is $5/student/class with discounts given to families with more than one child enrolled.  This class helps students to become at ease speaking in front of a group as well as teaching
them how to organize their thoughts and materials for a public presentation.  Call or e-mail
Kay  for more information..


Mom's Coffee/Tea will continue this Fall at the westside Millstone on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm.


Girl Scouts  Jen is a troop leader and has room for your girls, meeting on Saturdays.  For more information call  or email


YMCA offers homeschool classes.  Watch the next newsletter for the schedule or get a flyer from the YMCA.


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